The coincidence of events that appear meaningfully related but do not seem to be causally connected have more of an impact than you think

I’ve had my share of coincidences, meaningful coincidences, and everything between. They were unseen messages from the universe, residing in daily life, incognito.

I’ve often wondered how certain people I know are so in tune with their lives. They seem to have everything figured out, even when life throws them…

My experience freelancing for four months

I won’t let this stop me from continuing, and I will ensure it doesn’t happen to anyone else either.

Freelancing is a profession with many perks, yet there’s no justification in comparing it to any other job. But the ugliness of freelancing reared its head when a client ghosted me…

Chetna Jai

My external words are the inner me. I value freedom, travel and change. Still contemplating the philosophy of life.

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